Energy codes now require duct blower testing throughout the southeast.  In some areas a door blower test is required too.  Furthermore many jurisdictions require Manual J and Res Checks in order to obtain a building permit.  When you pick your trade partner to provide code compliance services you need someone who has proven they have the capacity you need to respond to your time sensitive projects.





Building code officials may require a RESCheck to verify your installed combination of insulation R-Values and window U-Values meet or exceed local building code requirements.  Some municipalities even require a RESCheck certificate prior to issuing a building permit  We perform RESChecks with super fast turn around times and great prices for builders, insulators, and spray foam contractors.  Learn More



The duct blaster test is similar to the door blower test in that it uses a calibrated fan to pressurize (or depressurize) and measure the air flow that it takes to keep the system at that pressure.  The fan used for the duct blaster is very sensitive and capable of measuring very small to very large leakage air flows.  Learn More








Blower door testing is now required by many energy codes depending on your state and municipality. Energy raters like ourselves use blower door tests to help determine a home’s air tightness.There are many reasons for establishing the proper building tightness.  Learn More






Performance Point is trusted by many home builders and HVAC contractors to complete their HVAC loads.  Our HVAC design capability includes Manual J, D, and S.   We can even complete 3D renderings of how the ducts should be installed on your project as part of our Next Level services.  Learn More